Kaiping bo wei yu technology Co., Ltd. Headquarters is located in known as" China water eating hygiene kingdom&quota; Shuikou town, is a focus in the production of various types of sanitary ware and sanitary ware accessories manufacturers, the company was founded in 2007, the introduction of Italian gravity casting equipment, high precision automatic machining and other advanced equipment and technical personnel, the main products are: faucet, hardware accessories, bathroom cabinet, bathtub, shower room, sin k, And ceramic sanitary ware, etc




What kind of faucet valve element are there?

1. Ceramic valve core:This is the most popular type of faucet valve core. Compared with other raw materials, the valve core has good sealing performance, good wear resistance and stable physical performance, so its service life is long. Even if the faucet is opened and closed for a long time and frequently, its sealing performance will not be weakened, and the natural faucet will not show water le

What do you think of the open flat copper faucet as copper or alloy?

In general, copper is brown red, aluminum white is slightly gray, iron gray is slightly black; there are many kinds of zinc alloy, and the alloy elements and shares are different in color. If you want to buy faucets, you'd better go to some shops with good promises. Because there are more and more faucets in the market now, but the quality is getting worse and worse. You will buy faucets with poo

What kinds of faucets are there?

A tap is a valve that controls the flow of water. The renewal speed of faucet is very fast. It has developed from the old cast iron process to the electroplating knob type, and then to the stainless steel single temperature single control. Now in many families, the stainless steel double temperature double control faucet is used, and the kitchen combined faucet is also presented.Now, more and more

How to distinguish the material of all copper faucet?

1. Look, the main high-quality copper faucet, after polishing and electroplating, has a bright and bright appearance, which can be seen by light, without corrosion mark or oxidation spot, while the alloy is not. Secondly, carefully observe whether the cross-section interface of the faucet is copper body. It's worth noting that many Philistines, in order to avoid this point, treat the cross-sectio